How Much Is My Business Worth

July 4, 2024   

There are many business owners whose value of the business is their business assets. They always want to know about their business worth. The main question is what makes the business run differently? One, there’s a business that can make a profit and knows at what price to sell a product and on the other, some businesses struggle to sell. If a business wants to calculate its business value, you will require a detailed record of financial tangible and intangible assets. Business value also depends upon the market conditions.

What is Your Business Worth?

For Valuing a business there are many methods. Like calculating total assets, Total liability, current earnings and estimated earnings according to your business idea and market capacity. As we know there is no right way to value your business, but we can set a perspective to calculate it. So that investors and buyers know that due diligence of business is done. Here are a few points to find out your business Valuation:

  • Assets valuation of your company – to find the valuation of a company you need to find out the total assets of your company and subtract from total liability. This approach makes it easier to track the Business Accounting as it takes directly from business records. It can take our present value of the company. In this approach, future value is not considered.
  • Cash flow of your company – if your business has good cash flow planning you can find out your present and future potential earnings. This approach can be used for a specific period. There are online software or Cash Flow Management Services Perth that can help you in assisting. A discounted cash value analysis can take your current value with future economic conditions.
  • Revenue of your company – this approach is popular but very rarely used by companies. To find out the value, multiply the current sales of the company by multiple scores. For Example, a company worth $300k and a multiple of 5 would make it $1.5 million. If the investor is aware of their company’s ROI. It would be easy to take out multiple for the company. The multiple can vary from different factors: 
  1. The industry 
  2. The market capacity
  3. The timing
  4. The management team
  5. The investor idea
  • Earning multiplier approach – There are many accounting advisors for this approach. Another name for this approach is price to price ratio. If you have shareholders, this method is used in companies. In this method, the company has to take the current market price share and divide it with the earnings per share. This will result in the net profit of the company and per share in the market. After this, you can show the earnings before and after tax. 

Why Do You Require to Know Your Business Worth?

There are some of the reasons why you need to know your business worth:

  • The Business is for Sale: Knowing the value helps set a realistic price.
  • Seeking Investors: Potential investors will want to know the business’s value.
  • Selling Shares: Accurate valuation is crucial when selling business shares.
  • Assessing Growth: Regular valuation helps track business growth and performance.
  • Securing Loans: Banks require a business valuation for loan applications.
  • Investment Insight: Business owners need to understand the value for strategic decisions and potential sales.

The business owner needs to know the value of the investment and the sale purpose. If the owner wants to sell the business and wants to know in detail, business strategy advisors will help in knowing what you are selling. It would be plants and equipment, fixtures and fitting, stock in hand and goodwill of business. The buyer will not take the outstanding or liability of the business.

The sale is of assets of the company. We know that goodwill is valued in the asset but we don’t know how much the value of assets is. Goodwill is based on the structure of your business. It is the profit of the business that depends on the future. Goodwill is the value of business and the buyer wishes to pay for it. People will pay for you business is:

  1. In the profit of the business.
  2. Return on capital investment.
  3. Growth of business.
  4. Brand name and value.
  5. Value system and procedures.


In this article, you came to know about the Value of your business. The Business Advisory Service Perth team is great in advising your company. The team is well managed and trained and they know many things like financial advisor business plan and business cash flow management. They are here to provide you with clear guidance.