Tax Alert June 2023- What you need to know!

June 14, 2023   

Although there were no substantial changes in the new budget, there were minor improvements. The changes will be applicable from July 1, 2023. The Mauritius Revenue Authority published a communication on 8 June 2023 that provided more information about the changes announced in the budget speech concerning the personal tax system. With the tax filing deadline for 2023 Australia for individuals looming, understanding the tax laws and regulations is crucial.

New Income Exemption Thresholds

The ATO is working on a new proposal for taxation rules covering the deductibility of personal education costs incurred by employees or individuals carrying out business activities. The current requirement to exclude the first $250 of deductions from expenditure on self-education has been ended by taxpayers who claim such expenses.

From July 1, 2026, a business must provide a super guarantee (SG) in addition to employee salaries and wages. The SG amount for employees shot up to 11 percent from July 2023.

Tax Debt Warnings Sent

The ATO is sending tax debt warnings to the concerned directors of the corporations.

The guidance includes simple methods for protecting business and client data from cyber criminals, such as using automated upgrades or Multi-Factor authentication whenever possible.

Phase Out the Duty on Commercial and Industrial Property

The Victorian Government has declared that commercial and industrial property will be exempt from transfer duty, commonly known as stamp duty, from July 1, 2024. Instead, a 1% annual tax on the unimproved value of such property.

The Target Area For ATO

The tax year of 2023 is approaching quickly, the ATO has come forward with some information on areas it will focus on, i.e. property deductions, work-related expenses, and capital gains taxation.

Budget for Small Businesses

The small businesses, the government proposes to temporarily increase the threshold for the instant asset write-off from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. Tax service for small businesses in Perth is fully equipped and experienced in dealing with the tax affairs of small businesses.

Tax Deadlines You Need to Know

Tax Alert June 2023 in Australia dates taxpayers to know, especially regarding the important dates for the upcoming tax season. Therefore, staying abreast with the latest tax laws and regulations is necessary to ensure compliance and avoid unexpected consequences regarding tax deadlines in 2023. For example, the corporate tax filing deadline for 2023 Australians is rapidly approaching, and businesses should ensure that their returns are prepared and submitted before the deadline.

The Australian corporate tax filing deadline quickly approaches, so companies must know the rules and regulations to ensure compliance. The deadline for filing Australian corporate tax returns for 2023 is fast approaching, and businesses should prepare and submit their returns on time to avoid penalties and late fees.

5 June
The tax return shall be under a concessional arrangement for all entities not required by 15 May 2023. Overhead view of the room Full late lodging may result in a penalty of $222 for the first 28 days after each subsequent 28 days, up to a maximum of $1,110.

1 July
Receptionists working in Financial institutions such as banks or companies issuing dividends and managed funds earnings information may take up to late July or early September to report their earnings. If you stay too long, you may need to revise your tax return to reflect these previously reported income items.

14 July
Your employer should summaries the Pay As You Go payments made. A comparable report is provided to the tax office a month later, so make sure you receive it and double-check that everything is in order.


Hiring a best accountants Perth can be beneficial for small businesses to manage their tax obligations accurately. Business tax accountants can assist in implementing tax planning strategies, preparing tax returns, and ensuring compliance with tax laws. When filing tax returns for individuals in 2023, individuals need to make sure they are aware of all the latest changes in regulations and rules.

Late lodging of tax returns in Australia can result in penalties of up to $222, so stay on top of the deadlines. By hiring tax services in Perth, businesses and individuals can save time, minimize errors, and reduce the overall tax burden.