Top 8 Reasons To Change Accountants

September 12, 2023   

A successful business, especially the success of a small business, depends on having accurate financial information. The financial statement acts as the owner of the company’s report card on its performance. 

Bankers, shareholders, investors, taxing authorities, and anyone trying to buy or evaluate the company routinely consult this report card.

Your accountant needs to figure out who funds you, who you make payments to, and how to get the most return on investment for your company. They have a significant role in your financial decisions. Thus, a foundation of confidence is essential. 

How Does Someone Know That It is Time For Changing Accountants?

Choosing the appropriate accountant is an essential component of becoming a successful small business owner or entrepreneur. However, it’s only sometimes possible that your first choice is the greatest one or stays appropriate as your business expands and changes.

Here are some of the Top Reasons To Switch Accountants.

1. Taking Bad Advice and Making Mistakes


Up to this point, a good business advisor is necessary. At the peak of your business growth, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Your accountant has handled your invoices expertly, assisted you with your tax return, and given you an enormous amount of wise business advice.

However, if something slightly out of the ordinary occurs, it could be appropriate to look for alternate or further guidance. For instance, you might be thinking about buying another business or looking for guidance on a brand-new tax or employment law that applies just to your sector of the economy. Your present accountant might not have the skills required to assist you in that situations  

2. Lack of Technical Knowledge

In the growing market, it is necessary to have technical knowledge. Many of us are believers in tradition, which means that our chosen way of computation is the good old spreadsheet. However, doing things the way you’ve always done is not always the most effective course of action. Your life will be easier if you work with an accountant who is knowledgeable about the newest software. 

3. No Response to Phone Calls

When you are working in a company, it is necessary to be connected. And when any of them are not attentive in connecting, mismanagement starts from there. When your accountant does not receive your call, even during regular business hours. Your accountant is taking days to respond to a simple email or constantly seems to be out of the office when you call. Here comes the time to switch the accountant because you are paying your accountant an enormous amount for their services.

4. A Lack of Tax Planning

The business plan advisor has to be updated all the time. We know that tax changes every year and a good accountant has to be plan-ready. So that business grows in every circumstance of the market. And when you feel that there is a lack of tax planning or your accountant does not have any plans regarding taxes. There comes the time to change the accountant.

5. Unexpected Charges

The cost is an essential factor when considering switching accountants. The standard rates charged by accountants depend on several parameters, including where you live, their level of expertise, their areas of skills, and whether or not they are certified. To know these factors you must know how much the best accountant in Perth charges. This information may help you determine if the fees you are paying your accountant are appropriate or not.

6. Resources are Limited

In today’s time, resources are the backbone of business. The fact that your company has already exceeded. Your present business accountant in Perth has limited resources which could be one of the best reasons you might need to hire a new accountant. They might not be able to manage payroll and invoicing on the scale you need, or you might wish to work with a company or person who is aware of the possible difficulties involved in managing a larger business.  

7. Only Contact Once a Year or on a Limited Basis

It’s vital to communicate with the accountant every day. To build and maintain a positive connection with your accounting team, set reminders, conduct routine check-ins, and provide updates. One annual meeting with your accountant may be sufficient in some cases, but more frequent communication would be preferable to get the most out of the partnership. But if your accountant is not replying or not communicating with you then it’s time to switch accountants.

8. No Proactive Service is Provided

A competent accountant will make sure to alert clients to any problems immediately as they are identified. This could apply to issues like cash flow difficulties, which enable you to use your business credit or search for bridging financing to avoid temporary insolvency.

Alternatively, they might be quick to identify outstanding invoices, providing you the opportunity to resolve the issue with a client before they cost you dollars. If your accountant only steps in when something goes wrong, it might be time to find someone else.

Why Do I Need an Accountant?

Beginning a new business venture has its own set of difficulties, and as business owners, you shouldn’t have to deal with these issues by yourself. Employing the appropriate individuals, particularly a startup accountant, will enable you to maintain your attention on what you appreciate while receiving expert guidance. 

A startup accountant can assist business owners with the development and execution of efficient strategies, the introduction of savings measures, the assurance of accurate financial reporting, and the provision of expert advice that will help their startups navigate challenges at different phases of business growth.


It is generally advisable to first discuss the situation with your accountant when any of the aforementioned red flags are present. Sometimes you may comprehend something more clearly and feel more at ease, but if not, you must continue. Although switching accountants is difficult, you have to undertake it if it is the correct choice. There are many accounting services in Perth that can fulfill your requirements. It’s your way you find the right one and match your understanding with them to grow your business.