Why Hire a Business Accountant When Starting Your Own Business?

February 14, 2024   

Hiring a small business accountant is a crucial decision for entrepreneurs. Accountants must provide accurate and pertinent data on which to make judgments. They have to be prompt, informed, and able to communicate.

Business owners decide to handle it themselves since, at the beginning, they need more money to hire a business accountant. You can save a significant amount of money. However, if an error is made, it could result in significant losses, which makes sense given that owners must consider multiple factors. Accountants are essential to most start-ups, helping with everything from tax services to company strategy. 

Considerations Before Hiring an Accountant

Hiring an expert for small business Bookkeeping in Perth is a huge accomplishment that will help you achieve your objectives and lessen your workload. Before bringing an accountant on board, there are several things to consider, such as your budget, tax status, the size of your company, and the degree of accounting experience you or your employees currently possess.

Even though not every small business requires an accountant, as your business expands, working with an accounting firm or hiring an accountant will be financially advantageous.

You can employ an accountant’s assistance to update your financial statements for use in a business strategy or for annual reporting. To assist you in choosing the optimal business structure, they might also examine your financial status.

Benefits of Hiring an Accountant for a Start-up Business

Benefits of Hiring an Accountant for a Start-up Business

Hiring a business adviser to handle financial flow, tax compliance, and other matters can be advantageous for entrepreneurs who intend to launch their own companies. You want to compare the employment costs of an accountant with the services they offer before engaging them. An average business accountant costs $150 to $400 per hour, but if you hire a full-service financial team, you’ll pay much less for each role.

You can get the following benefits if you appoint an expert for business accounting services:

  • Save Time

You will have to handle various duties as a business owner, such as meeting with clients, closing deals, negotiating with partners, etc. Furthermore, you might make many mistakes if you have to sit down to calculate the tax because of the tension that would wear you down. Additionally, the procedure of calculating taxes takes a lot of time. For instance, eight hours of taxing will cost roughly $800 if you charge $100 per hour. It is a significant amount of money for a small business.

Hiring a tax accountant for a small business can assist you in avoiding having to do the laborious task. You can gladly concentrate on other crucial issues to expand your company and increase revenue.

  • Bookkeeping and Monitoring

An accountant, whether full-time or part-time, is required for many start-ups due to the monthly, weekly, and even daily needs of bookkeeping and financial monitoring. Maintaining correct records and the smooth operation of the entire company calls for more frequent consultations than just the occasional one.

Bookkeeping Perth includes variations in income, cost reports, and inventory counts that can happen at any time, as well as payroll and data processing. You may avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes by having a qualified accountant audit your accounts regularly.

  • A Realistic Perspective On Your Business Plan

Those with strong business planning skills go on to become prosperous business owners. However, innovation doesn’t guarantee that a project will work in the current environment. Thus, there’s always a probability that these concepts won’t pan out.

Early accounting involvement will enable you to create more realistic business strategies and steer your company on the right path. It is so that you can adopt an innovative approach for your organization. An accountant can produce financial estimates, reports, and expert recommendations. He can help you reduce your company’s start-up costs by preparing a perfect business plan.

  • Knowledge of Your Company’s Financial Situation

You should have an accounting specialist on staff if you want to protect your startup from fraud and audits. Sadly, there is always a chance for dishonest business practices with any client, business partner, or contract. Your first line of defense against unethical behavior and financial risk can be an accountant.

Eventually, as your firm expands, you won’t have the time or resources to handle every aspect of running the business.  Hiring a certified business accountant is a better option if managing all the financial documents is getting harder and harder.

An accountant can provide you with comprehensive financial reports that will help you better understand your company’s present state. Additionally, it will assist you in maintaining current data on cash flow, sales, revenue, expenses, etc.

  • Business Growth

By fusing scalability and flexibility, your accountant as your financial advisor business plan can identify and create paths for growth. There is always room to grow, whether your goal is to dominate the local, national, or worldwide market. An accountant can assist you in making audacious moves.

An accountant can offer significant insights into pricing, inventory control, financing, and cash flow trends. They can advise on the leasing and buying of real estate and equipment. Making accurate financial forecasts with the assistance of an experienced professional can help you make better company decisions. You can approach them for assistance if you need it, even with an audit. They’ll competently get you ready and lead you through the procedure. 

They can work with you to create a sensible business budget that enables you to meet your objectives.

  • Higher Chances of Loan Approval 

You must demonstrate to the bank your ability to repay the money you borrow to be granted permission to borrow it. You can submit data supporting your loan application to the bank with the assistance of a qualified accountant.


Starting your own business has a lot of things you need to do to lay the groundwork for a successful business operation. An accountant or business consultant can assist you in several ways. Your accountant can help you to maintain compliance between your accounting practices and the rules and regulations of the ATO.